We believe the Bible sets forth two offices for church leadership: elders and deacons. The Bible teaches that elders must be men and must be able to teach (1 Tim. 3:1-12, Ti. 1:5-9). Our congregation has entrusted these men to lead, guard the doctrine and life of, and be examples to our church as “undershepherds” (1 Pt. 5:1-4, Heb. 13:7-9, 17).

Josh Barrett

(Wendi, Jubilee)

“I work for a consulting firm as a civil engineer. Wendi and I have been part of TGP since its beginning. I’ve been an elder since 2015 and lead a Bible Study on Sunday mornings. We consider our LifeGroup as family.


 Favorite Verse(s): Romans 8:26


Interests: Spending time with my wife and daughter, Crossfit, playing bass guitar with the worship team, and hunting


Kevin Williams

(Roni, Annabelle, Evangeline, Madelyn)

I have been involved in ministry through corporate worship ever since I was a kid. I’m thankful for the opportunity to serve at TGP and lead the church in worship every week. My task is very simple: point our church to Jesus and the power of the Gospel applied to their lives. I’ve been married to Roni for 12 years and we have three girls.


Favorite Verse(s): Psalm 40:1-3 (the gospel represented in a few verses)


Interests: Reading, music, movies, and spending time with my girls

Zach Mullis

(Emillie, Eliza, Annie Jane, John, and Felicity)

“My family moved to Louisiana from North Carolina in January of 2017. We are honored to be part of the TGP family and are often in awe of how faithful the Lord is to care for His church in every season. My great passion is to see the Word of God take root and bear much fruit among the people of God to the glory of God!”


Favorite Verse(s): 1 Cor. 15:1-3; Col. 1:15-20; Heb. 1:1-4; Phil. 2:1-10; Prov. 1:7


Interests: Reading, running, golf, gardening, and music

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