Meditation for Preparation: June 3

Posted on May 31, 2018.

1 Samuel 15:1-9-- "God's Perspective on Sin"


This week will be a serious look at a serious subject. Ours is a difficult text to understand, to accept, and to study. Pray for me as I prepare for this weighty topic. We will see, in an unvarnished and shocking manner, God's attitude and posture toward sin. Often the correct response to something like this is not to look "out there," but "in here." I believe it's no coincidence that this morning I came across an article from the New York Times columnist Ross Douthat on the SBC.


I'm less interested in the political overtones of his piece, but I'm intrigued by his analysis of the sins of the SBC past and how we might move forward in repentance over some of these, chief among them a lust for power, racial reconciliation, and treatment of women, both of which Douthat mentions.


These are issues I believe that God cares deeply about, they are areas of weakness and sin in the lineage of our denomination, and they represent opportunities for us to witness to the goodness and grace of Jesus in asking for forgiveness where it's needed, extending forgiveness where it's needed, and believing the gospel not just in words but in practice. Give this article a read. I think it's an interesting take on someone who isn't exactly like us but who also identifies with us in general.


Here's where he lands: "So the question posed by this age of revelation is simple: Now that you know something new and troubling and even terrible about your leaders or your institutions, what will you do with this knowledge?"


The Baptist Apocalypse, by Ross Douthat


Here's another article by Al Mohler [even in his title, he doesn't mince words], which Douthat mentions in his:


The Wrath of God Poured Out--The Humiliation of the Southern Baptist Convention



And here's one more about corporate confession of sins:


Lead Us Back to You




Here is a Spotify playlist for our worship music this week: 





We will also be rehearsing Question 45 of the New City Catechism.



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