Meditation for Preparation: April 22

Posted on April 19, 2018.

1 Samuel 10:1-27 -- "The Rise of Saul's Kingdom, Part 1"



 The following is an excerpt from Dale Davis's extremely helpful commentary on these verses:


     By extension of principle, all God's people are in Saul's position; we are a people under God's law, and we need to be. Israel came under Yahweh's law at Sinai. And that was not a sad mistake. You will never view the law incorrectly so long as you remember that Exodus 20:2 comes before Exodus 20:3-17. Yahweh says, I have set you free from bondage; it was not your doing; only my power decimated Pharaoh, my lamb protected you from ruin, my hand split open the sea; now that you are free, here is how a free people is to live--my commandments. You don't keep them in order to earn freedom--that has been my gift; you keep them in order to enjoy freedom, to preserve and maintain it, to avoid becoming slaves again to anyone else.


      In my car I keep a booklet of maps--maps of Baltimore City and County. There are fifty or sixty pages of them. Very detailed, precise, and exact. If I must go to some hospital, I can see at a glance the location and the streets and roads that will take me to it. In thier way those maps are very restricting, confining, and picky. But I have never had a map rebellion. For though the maps severely limit my (sane) options they nevertheless preserve my freedom. They keep me free from wandering all over the place trying to find my destination, free from trusting my uninstructed feelings, free from wasting large amounts of time, free from frustration that comes from wasting time, and so on. In their own way the maps are laws and commandments, but submitting to them makes for freedom rather than bondage.


    Back to 1 Samuel 10:1-27. Saul is under a law governing kingship, not to destroy his kingship but to allow it to function properly. And God's people are under Yahweh's law and commandments, not to prohibit and sour the Christian life but to order it and protect it from an alien bondage. Look at the material in Romans 12-15, Galatians 5-6, Ephesians 4-6, Colossians 3-4, or the Epistle of James. What is it largely but applications of the commandments to the Christian life? The intent of such teaching is to keep a people free in purity of life, holiness of desires, winsomeness of speech, absence of bitterness; to maintain balanced relationships, spiritual warfare, and concrete compassion. For Christ's people the law should no longer be dreadful curse but glad obedience--if we prize our freedom.




Here is a Spotify playlist for our worship music this week: 





We will also be rehearsing Question 40 of the New City Catechism.



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