Life Groups


Life Groups are essential to our mission. We believe that God is a community (one God in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit); therefore, we believe His gospel creates community! We use Life Groups to be the church: living out the Gospel in community, fulfilling the “one anothers" in Scripture, and furthering God's Kingdom in our neighborhood.


Below is a list of the current Life Groups at TGP Wardville. To get in touch with a representative for the life group, click the name (this will open up an email).


     Williams Life Group- Sunday evenings

     Hensgens Life GroupTuesday evenings

     Willie Life Group- Wednesday evenings (fellowship) & Sunday Mornings (Bible Study)

     Folse Life GroupWednesday evenings

     Mullis Life GroupThursday evenings



To view a statement on the "why" behind Life Groups, click here: Life Group Philosophy